The Curtiss P-40
in USAAC/USAAF Service

Fighter Groups

8th Fighter Group
15th Fighter Group
16th Fighter Group
18th Fighter Group
20th Fighter Group
21st Fighter Group
23rd Fighter Group
24th Fighter Group
31st Fighter Group
32nd Fighter Group
33rd Fighter Group
35th Fighter Group
36th Fighter Group
37th Fighter Group
49th Fighter Group
50th Fighter Group
51st Fighter Group
54th Fighter Group
57th Fighter Group
79th Fighter Group
80th Fighter Group
82nd Fighter Group
318th Fighter Group
324th Fighter Group
325th Fighter Group
332nd Fighter Group
337th Fighter Group
343rd Fighter Group
372nd Fighter Group

Stateside Aircraft
by Airfield

Aloe Field, Texas
Baltimore AAF, Maryland
Biggs Field, Texas
Camp Siebert AAF, Alabama
Chanute Field, Illinois
DeRidder AAB, Louisiana
Drew Field, Florida
Esler Field, Louisiana
Foster Field, Texas
Fort Sumner AAF, New Mexico
Grenier Field, New Hampshire
Harding Field, Louisiana
Keeseler Field, Mississippi
Key Field, Mississippi
Lawson Field, Georgia
Lincoln Army Air Base, Nebraska
Luke Field, Arizona
Marianna Field, Florida
Moore Field, Texas
Morris Field, North Carolina
Napier Field, Alabama
Paine Field, Washington
Peterson Field, Colorado
Pinellas Field, Florida
Randolph Field, Texas
Richmond AAB, Virginia
Selfridge Field, Michigan
Spence Field, Georgia
Thomasville AAF, Georgia
Tulsa Airport, Oklahoma
Waycross Field, Georgia
Will Rogers Field, Oklahoma
Wright Field, Ohio
Yuma AAB, AZ


461st Bombardment Group

Unidentified P-40s
Miscellaneous P-40s of the CBI
Miscellaneous P-40s of the MTO
Miscellaneous P-40s of the PTO

Hawks on the Hunt...

Two flights of unidentified P-40Bs on the prowl...

Project 914 Archives (S. Donacik collection) - Larger Image

Project 914 Archives (S. Donacik collection) - Larger Image

Seven Hawks

A group of P-40s at an unidentified airfield.

I'm not sure of all the variants here... looks to be a couple'a P-40-CUs,
some P-40B/Cs, and one that's definitely a P-40G. (second ship on the left)

Project 914 Archives (S. Donacik collection) - Larger Image

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