P-40 Warhawks of the
461st Bombardment Group (H)

At least two, perhaps three P-40s were... 'acquired'... by the 461st BG, mainly for use in
formation assembly duties. They were undoubtedly used for more recreational purposes as well...

This particular ship, a P-40L by the looks of it, came to be known as 'Big G'
in honor of the 461st Bomb Group's Commanding Officer, Col. Frederic Glantzberg.

461st.org (Jim Van Nostrand Photo) - Larger Image

And here's 'Big G' with... 'Big G'.

461st.org (Bob Drobeck Photo) - Larger Image

Interesting detail: five fishtail stacks and one round...

461st.org (Bob Drobeck Photo) - Larger Image

Colonel Glantzberg in the cockpit of 'Big G'.

461st.org - Larger Image

These two shots show a different ship... looks to be a P-40F.

461st.org (Robert 'Stan' Staples) - Larger Image

461st.org (Robert 'Stan' Staples) - Larger Image

All of the above images were found on the following page of the 461st BG website: P-40s of the 461st BG

Be sure to check it out, as that page has the full story of how the
'Liberaiders' came to have one of their Hawks, as well as several more images...

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