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Colonel Robert L. Scott served as the 23rd Fighter Group's first commanding officer
from July 4th, 1942 to January 9th, 1943. Look for a feature page about 'Scotty' in the near future.

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The Colonel and a Dog Named 'Joe'

Colonel Bruce K. Holloway with 'Joe', a dachshund who had been kept by Claire Chennault
during the AVG days. It seems that Joe was inducted into the USAAF along with the Tigers!

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Holloway, who had previously served as C.O. of the 76th Fighter Squadron and then as group
operations officer, was given command of the 23rd when Colonel Bob Scott left for the States
in January 1943. He served as C.O. of the outfit from January 9th, 1943 to September 16th, 1943.

Here's another shot of Colonel Holloway and Joe, along with Major Roland Wilcox, on the left,
and 1Lt. Chuck Crysler of the 74th FS. The trio had just returned from a mission during which
all three men had knocked down some of the enemy... the date was May 15th, 1943.

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Last of the Old Guard...

When the AVG was absorbed into the USAAF in July of 1942, a number of their battle-worn
P-40s soldiered on until replacement aircraft could arrive. After that, they were used as
trainers, hacks, instructional airframes, and cannibalized for spares.

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Ship #74 comes in to land... this Hawk is also visible in the photo above, second in line.
She had previously served with the AVG's 3rd Pursuit Squadron.

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A closer look...

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Here's a look at the CATF insignia on the side of ship #19, which is closest to the camera
in the muddy airfield photo above. This Hawk previously served with the AVG's 1st Pursuit Squadron.

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Another of the old AVG Hawks receives a bit of TLC... something they all sorely needed by July of 1942.

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