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A Bore-ing Job

Hengyang, Spring 1943... 75th FS armorers bore-sight the guns on P-40K #174.

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Lt. Donald Lopez

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'The Joker'

Lt. Robert Bellman, known as 'The Joker' because his smile resembled that of the Batman cartoon
villain of the same name, with his P-40N which displays at least three victory markings.

Sadly, Bellman was killed in a landing accident after the 75th had converted to the P-51. Returning
from a dive-bombing mission, one of the field-modified bomb racks which held a 500lb demolition bomb
and twelve fragmentation bombs, had hung up. Despite some unsuccessful brainstorming over the radio
on how to shake the bombs loose, followed by desperate pleas from the 75th's Ops Officer, Lt. Don Lopez,
and all but a direct order from the 75th's CO, Major Slocumb, to bail out, Bellman brought his ship in
for a very smooth landing and had rolled for about 200 yards before the bombs fell off and exploded.

From: Silver Wings, Pinks & Greens by J.Maguire - Larger Image

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