P-40s at Richmond AAB, VA

Merlins in Virginia

These first two shots show P-40Fs and wrench-turners
of the 324th Fighter Squadron, 327th Fighter Group, First Air Force.

Project 914 Archives - Larger Image

Project 914 Archives - Larger Image

Another P-40F of the 324th Fighter Squadron after an engine fire.

Project 914 Archives - Larger Image

Galveston Gal

P-40F 41-14018, named 'Galveston Gal', was flown by 2Lt. Ray Lancaster of the 325th
Fighter Squadron, 327th Fighter Group. Lancaster would later deploy to Europe with
the 370th Fighter Squadron, 359th Fighter Group, Eighth Air Force.

'Galveston Gal' was lost in a crash 6 miles SE of Richmond on January 4th, 1943. John Sykes,
who originally posted this photo on the Warbird Information Exchange forum, explains:

I believe this is aircraft 41-14018 which was lost January 4, 1943 near Richmond, Virginia.
Then 2nd Lt. Lancaster was leading a flight of 4 P-40's out of Richmond Army Air Base when,
during a slow roll, the prop ran away. The aircraft entered an inverted flat spin during which
portions of the aircraft broke away (possibly the rudder). Unable to regain control, Ray bailed out.

Raymond Lancaster via John Sykes - Larger Image

Clarabelle Clunker

A P-40F named 'Clarabelle Clunker' with two lieutenants and several non-comms
in one of the hangars at Richmond, probably sometime during early-mid 1943.

Project 914 Archives (S.Donacik collection) - Larger Image

One of the Last Holdouts

Later in the war Richmond AAB was home to the 120th AAFBU, which was equipped
with the Republic P-47. But there were still some P-40s to be found, including this P-40N.
On a side note... interestingly, many of Richmond's P-47s were Curtiss-built P-47Gs.

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