Curtiss Hawks Surviving Today

Individual pages for the following Hawks will be added in the future...

The news caption for this photo showing P-40N 42-105867 (RCAF 867) reads:

"Brooks AFB WWII Open House - Air Force Capt. Alana McCullough inspects the air intake of a
P-40 Tomahawk flown by the famous 'Flying Tigers'. Photo by Rick Hunter" February 1992

Project 914 Archives (S.Donacik collection) Larger Image

This mystery Half-a-Hawk looks to have been part of a Russian museum, though
I currently have no information as to location (perhaps Monino?) or date,
and could offer only speculation as to why she's been butchered.

San Diego Air and Space Museum (Gordon Permann Collection)

The Tri-State Warbird Museum's P-40M NZ3119 (43-5813) streaks past at the 2024
Terre Haute Airshow. A feature page for this Hawk is currently in the works.

Warbird Mafia via the Terre Haute Airshow Facebook Page - Larger Image