Kittyhawk I AK753

This P-40 was built as a Kittyhawk I for the RAF. She was purchased by the British Purchasing Commission
and did not fall under any Lend-Lease agreement and therefore did not receive a US Army serial number.
Although allocated the RAF serial AK753, she was eventually handed over to the Russians...
but I currently have no information concerning her operational service.

The aircraft was pulled out of Russia in the early 90s I believe. She was recovered from a crash site
although I'm not sure if the aircraft went down as a result of combat or not. Odds are that it was indeed
combat-related, but I hope to research this Hawk a bit more and find out for sure. Restoration work began
in 1996 I believe, and the aircraft's first post-restoration flight took place in July 1998. I've been
told that the gap between the spinner and the cowling is due to the installation of the Hamilton-Standard
prop... confirmation or correction on this point would be most welcome, as would be any other information.

The last owner I have on record for this Hawk was the late Gerald Beck of North Dakota.

More specific information about this airframe can be found on the following page...


The following photos were taken by Mark Janovec at the 2004 Air Expo in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.

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