Hollywood Hawks
The P-40 in Film and Television

Doug McClure stars as Lt. Del Culpepper in 'Death Race', a TV movie from 1973.
I hope to present a feature page for this film in the future.

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This next scene smacks of 'Flying Tigers', and the replica P-40 looks to be one of those
used for that film, but I don't think that it is 'Tigers'. Anyone recognize the flick?

UPDATE: A fella named Herb wrote in to let me know that the film is 'China's Little Devils'
and that the actors are 'Ducky' Louie, on the left, and Paul Kelly. Thanks a bunch Herb!

See the IMDb entry for this flick HERE...

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Here's a production still from a wartime musical called 'Priorities On Parade'.
Looks like they may have used one of the replicas from 'Flying Tigers' for this number.

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This production still is from a 1948 flick titled 'Jungle Patrol', also known as 'West of Tomorrow'.

See the IMDb entry for this flick HERE...

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Your webmaster has yet to see 'Red Tails' but is eager to do so, despite the waves of negative
reviews he has heard and read about this film, and despite what he sees in some of the stills,
trailers, and other video clips to be found around the internet. Apparently Mr. Lucas, though his
heart was in the right place, has dropped the ball numerous times here. We shall see.

Anyhoo, I'll be adding a feature page for this flick in the future... or perhaps
a couple'a pages. But until then, enjoy this groovy airfield scene...

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The flix section of any aviation-themed website would be incomplete without at least one shot
showing rows upon rows (slight exaggeration) of fiberglass replica P-40s getting blown to hell
by waves of attacking AT-6s and BT-13... uuuhhh... that is, uh, waves of Kates, Vals, and Zeroes.

'TORA! TORA! TORA!' is another flick which will be featured in the future...

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Until I figure out exactly where I'm going to put newsreels and other vintage motion pictures
on the site, I'll leave this here. 'Tis a short Paramount News piece on Curtiss production
of the P-40 for Lend-Lease at Plant #1 in Tonawanda, New York in early 1941.

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