Kittyhawk I AK940
RCAF Serial 1058

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The photos on this page show AK940 as she appeared after a painstaking rebuild accomplished in a
joint effort by Avspecs Limited and Pioneer Aero Restorations, both located in Auckland, New Zealand.
Tony Banta was the new owner of AK940, and he flew her out of Livermore, California until 2016.

An absolutely stunning shot of John Lamont flying AK940, taken at the 2002 Warbirds Over Wanaka show.
This was AK940's first display after restoration and the paintwork was not yet complete.

Xavier Meal photo via Andy Hosking - Larger Image

One of the more complex jobs in any P-40 project... the spinner...

Courtesy Andy Hosking - Larger Image

The following two photos show AK940 during the latter days of her restoration in New Zealand.

Courtesy Andy Hosking - Larger Image

Courtesy Andy Hosking - Larger Image

The following few photos show subtle differences in the paintjob. In a rush to ready the ship
for her first post-restoration appearance at Wanaka in 2002, Andy Hosking explained to me that
the sharkmouth was painted somewhat hurriedly and was not exactly to the specifications that
Tony Banta had requested. Though this would be fine for the Wanaka show, afterward the mouth
would have to be repainted. This first photo shows the mouth that was applied for the airshow;
note that the motif was applied completely within the boundaries of the 'bathtub'.

Courtesy Andy Hosking - Larger Image

After the show, the mouth was stripped, masked to specs, and repainted.

Courtesy Andy Hosking - Larger Image

After completion of the paintjob as specified. Note that the mouth is now extended past
the edges of the 'bathtub' and the differences in various elements of the design.

Courtesy Andy Hosking - Larger Image

Courtesy Andy Hosking - Larger Image

AK940 at the 2012 Planes of Fame Airshow in Chino, California.

Jan Mangelschots photo - Larger Image

And at Chino again, this time in 2016.

Chad Veich photo - Larger Image

This image made the rounds on all the 'wallpaper' sites at one point, and that's how I found it.
I do not know if it is a straight photo, 'as shot', or if it's been altered in any significant way.
There are some tell-tale signs of the latter, but... regardless, it's a gorgeous image. I generally
try to avoid putting uncredited images up on the site these days, but this one is too dang
B-U-T-FULL not to put out there for folks to feast their eyes upon.

So far I've been unable to track down the name of the photographer, but am workin' on it.

Photog Unknown - Larger Image

Photog Unknown - Larger Image

A beautiful shot, taken after AK940 joined the Erickson Aircraft Collection in 2017.

John Parker photo via the Erickson Aircraft Collection Facebook Page - Larger Image

AK940 appeared at the 2019 Boundary Bay Airshow in British Columbia, Canada all
decked out in a temporary RCAF-ish paint job based on the colors she wore during WWII.

See more photos from Boundary Bay 2019 HERE...

Mike Kahler photo - Larger Image

AK940 as she appeared in February of 2023.

Erickson Aircraft Collection Facebook Page - Larger Image

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