2 Operational
Training Unit RAAF

A Distinguished Line-up

June 16th, 1942... five P-40s of 2 OTU with engines running at RAAF Station Mildura,
Victoria. In their cockpits are five pilots who have been awarded the DFC:

Squadron leader F. Fischer of 3 Squadron RAAF
Flight Lieutenant C.W. Wawn of 452 Squadron RAAF
Squadron Leader P. Jeffrey of 3 Squadron RAAF
Flight Lieutenant A.C. Rawlinson of 3 Squadron RAAF
Squadron Leader Keith 'Bluey' Truscott of 452 Squadron RAAF

When this photo was taken, Wawn and Truscott were learning to fly the P-40 with 2 OTU...
both had just returned from the UK and had previously been flying Spitfires.

RAAF photo - Larger Image

Two of a Kind

A pair of P-40Es sitting on the wet grass at Mildura prior to a training flight.

Argus Newspaper Collection of Photographs, State Library of Victoria - Larger Image

Here's the port side of A29-82, the ship farthest from the camera in the previous photo.
This photo is dated June 17th, 1942 and the pilot was Flight Lieutenant Philip R. Johnstone.

Project 914 Archives

And another view of the same ship, heading up a line of six P-40s at Mildura.

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P-40E A29-118

A29-118 at Mildura, 1944 or 45, not sure when exactly. She met her end on July 25th, 1945
when F/Sgt. Herbert Lindsay Frizell of 2 OTU augered in while flying aerobatics. This
ship had previously served with 75 Squadron and 82 Squadron. Go to our page for
82 Squadron to see what this Hawk looked like while serving with that outfit.

Original Image: ADF Serials via Mildura 2 OTU Heritage Inc - Larger Image

The unfortunate Flight Seargent Frizell.

Original Image: RAAF Memorial & Museum - Mildura via Mildura 2 OTU Heritage Inc

A29-118's broken tail feathers...

National Australian Archives via Mildura 2 OTU Heritage Inc - Larger Image

P-40E A29-129

A fine shot of A29-129, which served with 2 OTU at Mildura from November 29th,
1942 'til April 16th, 1943, after which she was sent to 1 Air Depot at RAAF Laverton,
Victoria where this photo was taken. This ship is apparently often mistaken for A29-29,
as your currently sheepish webmaster found out the hard way. Thank you, Anthony Koch,
for putting me straight on the matter, and John Boden for catching my mistake!

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P-40M A29-310

The Hawk shown in these next two images is believed to have been flown by
Sergeant Leonard Victor 'Len' Waters, the only aboriginal pilot to serve with
the RAAF during the Second World War.

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Project 914 Archives

Bare Hawks

Among the ten or so P-40s shown in this late-war photo taken at Mildura are at least two
which have been stripped to bare metal and re-painted with only national and operational markings.

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A closer look at one of the bare-metal Hawks... possibly A29-28?


Another couple of bare-metal Hawks... first, P-40K A29-176...

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And P-40N A29-531...

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