Curtiss P-40B

When production of the initial USAAC order for 524 P-40s resumed, several changes were made
to the original Hawk 81 design, resulting in the second production variant of the P-40...

The first P-40B flew on March 13th, 1941 and a total of 131 examples were ultimately built.
Externally, the P-40B was nearly identical to the P-40, however armament was increased to
include an additional pair of .30 cals in the wings, bringing total firepower of the P-40B
up to four .30s in the wings and two .50s in the nose.

The most comprehensive online written text concerning the P-40 is a series of articles by Joe Baugher.
You can see his 'P-40B' page HERE...

A brand-new P-40B at Buffalo Airport in Cheektowaga, NY, March or April 1941.

Alvin C. Smith via Brent Smith - Larger Image

Alvin C. Smith via Brent Smith - Larger Image

Curtiss test pilots prepare to take three new P-40Bs up for a test hop.

Project 914 Archives (S.Donacik collection) - Larger Image

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