P-40N-30-CU 44-7084

We have little information about this Hawk's wartime history... only that she was converted to a
TP-40N by Curtiss. She has been in the possession of both the NASM and the USAFM (NMUSAF these days),
and was owned by the late Bob Pond who helped start the Palm Springs Air Museum where she still
resides today. Also, this Hawk was one of four P-40s used for the film 'Pearl Harbor'.

This photo shows 44-7084 while she was with the USAFM during the early 1960s.

San Diego Air & Space Museum Archives - Larger Image

The date and location of this photo are unknown to me, but I think it was taken during the 1980s.

San Diego Air & Space Museum Archives - Larger Image

John W. Olafson photo - Larger Image (More of John's photos can be seen here)

Photographer unknown - Larger Image

Richard Seaman photo - Larger Image (Source)

This candid shot taken during filming of Pearl Harbor
shows Ben Affleck and Josh Hartnett with 44-7084.

Touchstone Pictures - Larger Image

You can view the entry for this P-40 in WRG's Warbird Registry HERE.

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