Kittyhawk I AL171
RCAF Serial 1084

This P-40 was built as a Kittyhawk I for the RAF. Having been purchased by the British Purchasing
Commission she did not fall under any Lend-Lease agreement and therefore did not receive a US Army
serial number. She was given the RAF serial AL171 but was handed over to Canada and received the
RCAF serial 1084. I currently have no information about her wartime service.

Unlike many of today's surviving RCAF Kittyhawks, this one was surplussed at Vulcan AB in Alberta during 1946.
She passed through a few hands, including Ed Maloney and John Paul (Sr.) before coming into the possession of
Kermit Weeks. She was damaged by Hurricane Andrew in 1992 and last I heard was undergoing restoration at Art
Teeter's CalPacific AirMotive in Salinas, California. Hopefully she'll spread her wings again before too long.

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Poor-quality photo of a poster in the webmaster's collection

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Here's a scan of a magazine blurb about AL171 from 2010...

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