P-40M-10-CU 43-5795

I have no info whatsoever about this P-40M's wartime history other than the fact that she was
delivered to the RCAF as a Kittyhawk III and given the serial '845'.

After the war she was put up for disposal at Patricia Bay and initially went to Vance Roberts
of Seattle, WA, who kept the aircraft until 1950. From there it passed through several hands
and was used as a crop duster and a cloud seeder throughout the rest of the 50s before becoming
a static display piece for a museum located in Reno, NV. In 1982 she was acquired by Bill Destafani
and restored to flying condition, taking to the sky in 1983 after almost twenty years on the ground.

In 1991 she went to the Lone Star Flight Museum in Galveston, TX and stayed there until acquired
by Jeff Clyman (of 'The Cockpit' / 'Cockpit USA' fame) from Long Island, NY, where she remains
today as part of the American Airpower Museum in Farmingdale.

You can view the entry for 43-5795 in WRG's Warbird Registry HERE...

Looking a bit forlorn, her flying days seemingly over, 43-5795 sits in a field at Sonoma,
California during May of 1964. She had been used as a cloud seeder from 1957 to 1961 and,
prior to that, as a crop duster from 1951 to 1956. Several months after this photo was taken,
she would be sold to William Harrah and become a static museum piece for almost twenty years.

Bill Larkins photo - Larger Image

And here she is while part of 'Harrah's Automobile & Aircraft Collection' in Reno, Nevada.

A.H. Cook - Larger Image

This photo shows 43-5795 while owned by Bill Destefani and named 'Miss Gina V'.

Walt Bauer photo - Larger Image

This shot was taken at the 1997 Wings of Eagles Airshow in Elmira, NY after
Jeff Clyman had acquired 'Miss Gina V' from Bill Destefani and renamed her 'The Jacky C.'.

Doug Ridge Photo - Larger Image

Geneseo 2006

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Jeff Hunt photo

Geneseo 2007

A few views from 'The Greatest Show on Turf' at Geneseo, NY in 2007...

Ken Zollitsch photo

Peter T. Ball photo

Peter T. Ball photo

Geneseo 2008

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S.Donacik photo - Larger Image

Geneseo 2012

The following five photos were taken on a rainy day at Geneseo, NY in 2012...

S.Donacik photo - Larger Image

S.Donacik photo - Larger Image

S.Donacik photo - Larger Image

S.Donacik photo - Larger Image

S.Donacik photo - Larger Image

The Lady and the Hawk

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Brent Eysler photo - Larger Image

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