Major Jacob Schoellkopf
85th Fighter Squadron C.O.
Photo Album

This photo album was up for auction on ebay at one time and I dearly wanted to obtain it
not only because it was a groovy photo album and because it was full of 'Skulls' P-40 photos,
but also because the fella to whom it belonged and whose time in the MTO it documented was a fellow
Western New Yorker... Major Jacob F. 'Fred' Schoellkopf of Buffalo, NY.

Unfortunately, the bidding went much higher than my means (I think it finally sold for around $2500
or so!) and I was bummed, needless to say. However, there is perhaps some consolation in the fact that
it sold for so much, because that indicates that it may quite possibly have gone to a collector who is
hopefully going to appreciate it as a complete and intact record of Major Schoellkopf's wartime
service rather than to some re-seller who would just cut the damn thing up and part it out.
I certainly hope that was NOT the case...

There's one shot of a P-40K of the 64th FS, 57th FG, but most of the rest show 'Skulls' Hawks and personnel,
with the well-known pin-up tail art of Corporal Joseph Pumphrey being well-represented... hubba-hubba!

Anyhoo, this album deserves to be seen by any and all interested parties and I make no apologies
whatsoever for presenting each and every of the auction images here for all to see... enjoy!

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