94 Squadron RAF

Brand New Birds

The IWM caption for this photo reads:

Four Kittyhawk Mark Is (AK681 nearest) in formation during a familiarisation
flight by pilots of No. 94 Squadron RAF, who were in the process of re-equipping
with the type during the unit's move from Gazala, Libya to LG 110, Egypt.

Imperial War Museum - Larger Image

Imperial War Museum - Larger Image

Kittyhawk AK596

Kittyhawk I AK596 was one of nine Kittyhawks that 92 Squadron received on February 1st, 1942.
She later served with 250 and 260 Squadrons.

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Down in the Desert

This Kittyhawk has seen better days. I've yet to learn the circumstances of its loss, or the date, but
94 Squadron flew Kittyhawks for only a brief period of time... from February to May of 1942. So at
least a rough time-frame is known. It looks like the aircraft took a good bit of fire, (although
some of that could be post-crash damage) and that the prop was turning when she went in.

Project 914 Archives

It's apparent from this view that much of the rudder fabric has been cut away, no doubt as a trophy,
which indicates that this ship was most likely adorned with 94 Squadron's red and white checks. These
markings led some German pilots to report combat with 'Polish Curtisses'.

Project 914 Archives

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