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The Eyes of the Army

News caption from the reverse of this photo:

Project 914 Archives - Larger Image

The image above was scanned from a news photo that was printed as a close-crop.
Here's the full photo, from the Imperial War Museum's archives...

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A Trio of Tommyhawks

Three Tomahawks of 26 Squadron cruise along over the lovely English countryside. The ship
nearest the camera, coded RM-Y, is Tomahawk IIA AH896 and is also shown in the above photo.
The other two ships are Tomahawk IIA AH893, coded RM-D, and Tomahawk I AH791, coded RM-E.

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Another view of the same formation...

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'A' for 'Ace'

A fine view of Tomahawk AH830, coded RM-A.

Project 914 Archives (S.Donacik collection) - Larger Image

'F' for 'Freddie'

It appears that the censors have been at work on this photo of Tomahawk I AH860, obliterating
just about everything in the background except another Tomahawk. AH860 was coded RM-F.

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He Ain't Heavy...

The pilot of Tomahawk RM-G (possibly AH864) runs up the engine while ground crew weigh down the tail.

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If you'll just sign here...

IWM caption for the following photo, which shows RM-Z:

Airmen of the Photographic Section of No. 26 Squadron RAF record details on the film magazine removed from
a Type F.24 aerial camera mounted in the camera port of a Curtiss Tomahawk at Gatwick, Sussex, following a
tactical reconnaissance training sortie. The magazine is being marked with the date, time and serial number
of the aircraft, before being taken to the mobile darkroom for processing.

Imperial War Museum

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