The Curtiss P-40
in Forca Aerea Brasileira Service

The Força Aérea Brasileira took delivery of a total of eighty-seven P-40s; six P-40Es, thirty-one
P-40Ks, nine P-40Ms, and 41 P-40Ns. All were retained in Brazil for national defense and convoy escort.

The P-40 continued on in FAB service until 1954.

Vicious Biter

Here's the caption from the reverse of this ACME news photo which
shows one of the six P-40Es delivered to Brazil in April of 1942.


Somewhere in Brazil -- Corp. Arnold Howitt, of the U.S. Army 'feels' the teeth of a P-40 fighter plane
as Brazilian Air Corps Sgt. Abelar de Costa Pitanga removes the cowling of the BAF plane. Jointly built
and operated by the U.S. and Brazil, the giant air base is a take-off and landing point for war planes
winging to all fronts over-seas. For military reasons, the location of the aerial crossroads must be kept secret.

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Another few Hawks from the first group of six P-40Es taken on charge by the FAB.

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From: 'P-40 Warhawk in Action No.205 by Richard S. Dann' (Jose Alvarenga via Mario Serelle) - Larger Image

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An unidentified pilot with a FAB P-40K.

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Two of the thirty-one P-40Ks delivered to the FAB cruise along in beautiful Brazilian skies.
It appears that the ship nearest the camera may have only two guns installed in the port wing.

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Flying Down to Rio

Seen on a test hop in Western New York skies, 44-47773 was one of 41 P-40Ns sent to Brazil.
Though the USAAF markings would eventually disappear, the overall silver paint would remain,
and this ship would receive the Forca Aerea Brasileira serial number 4089.

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