My Grandfather, Norman Donacik (later shortened to Donack), worked at Curtiss Wright in Buffalo, NY during the
Second World War and possibly for a period of time prior to the war. He was involved in the production of the
P-40 and C-46 and eventually became a supervisor/inspector. After the war he worked as a fleet mechanic for
Sealtest and was also a pitcher for a local amateur baseball team. Unfortunately, I don't know too awful much
about his time with Curtiss... he died when I was too young to have known him as anything other than 'Grampa',
and I've not been able to learn a whole lot in subsequent years.

This is the only photo I have of Gramps while he was at Curtiss.
He's kneeling in the first row, far left, with jacket and tie...

Project 914 Archives (S.Donacik collection) - Larger Image

I have no information as to the identities of the other folks in this photo other than the woman second from
right. Her first name is 'Verna', as evidenced by the stitching on her blouse. I do have a number of Curtiss
Fly Leafs and other C/W publications, though, and hope to come across some info about some of these folks...

Here's a three-inch bronze/copper medallion presented to Curtiss employees who worked at plants one and two
in Buffalo as recognition of their efforts in helping Curtiss-Wright to earn the coveted joint Army-Navy 'E'
for efficiency production award. The medallion is dated August 20, 1942...

Here are a few Curtiss lapel pins...

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